How to Use Dr.Drum as Logic Pro Alternative

1: Install Dr.Drum for Windows

Before installing Dr.Drum, you're recommended to exit all open applications and temporarily turn off any virus protection. Then double click the downloaded trial version to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the appropriate version of the software for your computer. For more detailed help content, go to Contents and Index from the Help menu or press F1.

2: Using Dr.Drum for Windows

When you add media to a project, a new track is created for the file. Depending on the type of media you add, one of four clip types iscreated to accommodate it: loop, one-shot, Beatmapped, or MIDI. A single audio track can contain any combination of loops, one-shots, or Beatmapped clips.

To add clips to tracks, simply drag a file from the Windows Explorer, Explorer Window, or Media Manager window to an existing track in the timeline. The new clip is set as the active clip for creating events with the Draw or Paint tool. You can also record into a track to create a new clip. Download the entire manual to master this Logic Pro for Windows alternative.

3: Rendering and Exporting

Rendering means the process of converting the ACID project into a file that is formatted for a specific playback method, including media player applications, Internet streaming media, CD-ROM, and CD audio. All popular audio formats are supported for rendering.

You're able to burn your projects to CD using supported CD-R/CD-RW drives. You can burn CDs for multiple- or single-track projects and build audio CD layouts automatically or manually. The created CDs can be played in many home DVD players and on computers with the appropriate player. Go to Page 53 of the Dr.Drum manual for writing to CD.


How to Make Beats with Dr.Drum

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